Legit Ballazz provide youth and high school athletes the opportunity to play in a safe and healthy environment that is conducive in assisting in developing their skills, building their confidence and preparing them for the next level of competition. Our staff provides these athletes with the opportunity to showcase their skills on a platform where they will learn about team building, integrity, respect, performance and physical fitness.


Our tournaments and programs are designed to teach student-athletes under the guidance of positive role models on, instilling high moral standards, fostering self-confidence, and creating leaders of/for tomorrow. We’re striving to create an inclusive youth and high school football community where everybody is free to play the sport they love in an environment that is family oriented.

Our main goal at Legit Ballazz is to organize regular 7 vs 7 tournaments and provide the ideal environment for both management and players to gain maximum outcome in their free time. Preparation is key to ensuring that our tournaments progress smoothly, and it is only through our careful planning and execution that it is a huge success.

Our Mission & Vision


To create an opportunity for all student-athletes where they can showcase their talents on a platform that is safe and conducive for family and community activities.


To assist in opening the door to higher educational opportunities for all student-athletes.

“Your door is waiting for you”